Indigenous Foundation

Our community works in relationship with the Earth and as Pampamesayok: Q'ero Shamans we believe in right relationship to all our kin. We have founded a human rights foundation dedicated to the plight of indigenous freedoms. Donations to this foundation will fund initiatives focused on protecting indigenous peoples globally, and equitable rights for humanity.



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Co-Creating Worship

Join us for inspiring worship and thought-provoking discussion. Co-creating in groups for mutual encouragement, prayer, and support in your spiritual journeys.

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Devotional Contemplation

We offer, an embodiment of the "church" this space of worship, a space to assist in the connection to the divine, Source.  This welcoming and inclusive community is designed for communities, individuals and families to gather, worship, and grow in their faith. Through ancient and contemporary worship styles, incorporating art, and music...we strive to create a place where everyone feels accepted and supported as they deepen their relationship with Creation. 

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Empowering the beauty of sacred ceremonies to hold alignment for spiritual, and cultural significance. At Co-Creation Church of Unity Consciousness, we encourage all to express your devotion, in a safe space, to assist in the knowledge and amplyification of wisdom consciousness for all. Ceremonies may be held in person, or online, email us to co-create together!

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Welcome to our stories

"A Medicine People's Prayer"

Ultimately, emotional healing is about finding a sense of inner peace, self-acceptance, and a deeper connection to our own emotions and to others. It is a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation that can bring us a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

Storytelling has been used as a healing tool by many cultures for centuries, and it continues to be a powerful way to process emotions, connect with others, and find meaning in our lives.

By sharing our stories and listening to the stories of others, we can promote healing, connection, and understanding within ourselves and our communities.

Our Healing Board



Pelai is known for her love of all things, health-related. What started out as a journey to better health, during difficult times, has turned into a passionate search for healing modalities. Those that could be used to help herself and others, to heal themselves. She has personally experienced how emotional states like fear, anger, pain, and stress can wreak havoc on the body, even more than poor diet and lifestyle choices could.

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My life has been a study of Comparative Religions and an exploration of non-ordinary reality from way back. 

My spiritual deep dive took me to some amazing places, and I met amazing people. In search of spiritual community, I went to churches. Southern Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Interfaith, and even studied Islam for a moment.  I also began getting back into my woo-woo stuff. My favorite things were the Tarot cards and I began reading for friends, and also started journaling about the precognitive dreams.

One thing I realized is that no matter what I was practicing in the way of religion or not, my connection with Spirit/God/Divine/All That Is was always very, very strong. This is what led me to shamanism, as it made sense to shed religiosity and embrace spiritualism.

My goal is to help people discover what is of them, for them and from them. Uncovering this for yourself will help you to move through the world with more grace and harmony, help you to release narratives that have held you back.

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Support and guidance to foster healthier twin flame dynamics and relationships. 

Jillian is a spiritual counselour that specializes in twin flame relationship guidance. She is dedicated to helping individuals navigate the complexities of these unique relationships and find a deeper connection with their love dynamics

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 I am passionate about helping others to reconnect with their inner power and wisdom, finding balance, and re-establishing a connection with themselves, the natural world, and the spirit realm. By tapping into the wisdom of your soul, I am able to intuitively craft a sacred tool that will serve as a powerful catalyst for your healing journey.  I believe that through energy healing, we can create powerful shifts and transformations in our lives. I am looking forward to assisting in your beautiful and unique journey.

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Commitments to Worship

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Building a Diverse Community

We Commit: honor the Light in all and welcome members of any race, economic status, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity, marital status, ethnicity, nationality, handicap, or beliefs. welcoming children and youth, their voices and experiences. encouraging participation and integration in multiple ways, including through art & music. sharing and collaborating in storytelling. 


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Strengthening a Loving Community

 We Commit: loving unconditionally and supporting one another. listening to one another with openness even when we may disagree. cultivating a habit of curiosity through noticing, recognizing, questioning and releasing shame based judgments and beliefs about one another when they occur. building harmonious balanced relationship.

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Cultivating Surrender & Trust

We Commit: naming and nurturing our own gifts for the benefit and growth of the community… to nurturing and instilling wisdom in others, for the benefit and growth of the community. developing participating in the life of the community through committee service, volunteering, and other organizational support. …to supporting community stability through regular gifts of money or time. creating safe space for all people, especially those who are poor, marginalized, vulnerable, and/or oppressed. making room at the table for unique perspectives, experiences, hopes, needs, talents, and aspirations of our community. ... to resolving conflicts in peaceful, non-violent, and creative ways and to seeking reconciliation when this peace is disturbed

What is Co-Creation of Unity Consciousness?

What is your community policy?

Safe Community Policy

 In all cases where one member of the community sexually exploits, harasses, or in some other way abuses another member of the community, the matter will be immediately referred to the Response Team as per our Safe Community Policy, and will be handled in the manner described in that Policy. Any staff or council member is required to report any incident of harassment or abuse; the matter will be kept on a need to know basis and handled with discretion, but cannot be kept confidential. During the early stages of dealing with abusive behavior the Response Team may, for the physical and emotional safety of the survivor, recommend the temporary suspension of the participation and/or membership of the person accused of engaging in abusive behavior. If reconciliation and a sense of trust and safety is restored, this temporary suspension would be lifted. As stated in our bylaws, “The Community Council may drop from the rolls of the community any member whom inquiry shows to be destructive to the community and who, after good faith efforts at conflict resolution and reconciliation, is unwilling or unable to reform his or her behavior.” This is a last resort in cases where our processes of conflict resolution and reconciliation are not able to restore safety or trust, or when the accused refuses to participate in such processes.

What happens here?

Our physical locations are a popular gathering place and host for many programs, events, and activities in harmonious relationship including and not limited to, including those we run directly and those that we help to support, such as: music, dance, theater, racial justice dialogues, potlucks, drum circles, ecstatic dance, meditation, yoga, energy exchanges, recovery meetings, activist meetings, eco-spirituality groups, study groups, spiritual services, interfaith dialogues, tai chi, music classes,  improv comedy classes, wholistic mom’s group, wholistic men’s group, adolescent groups, children’s programs, the farmer’s market, Muslim Sunday School, film screenings, open mics, retreats, poetry readings, choral groups, religious and cultural celebrations, weddings, funerals, community meals, talks, presentations, non-profit fundraising events, etc.

What does your community look like?

Our intention is to grow our community as we seek to fulfill our mission and vision. We are a heart-centered community that believes with intention and grace, we may co-create together sacred space in our everyday lives.

Members of our community get to know one another through open and honest communication. Members of our community are given opportunities to develop harmonious relationships in the context of their life journeys, their highest values, their struggles, growth areas, and aspirations for their personal lives and for our wider world.

We meet in small groups, work on projects together, share meals, sing, pray and study together, and create a supportive community context. Our community members seek to learn from one another as we believe in supporting and enhancing one another’s gifts and power in both the spiritual and human collective contexts.