Monthly Community Healing Series

Join us, monthly for an intimate gathering of healing our physical bodies, by releasing fear and the embodiment of your sacred healed SOUL

Open House Community Healings

Mark your calendars for our monthly open house and community healing events. Sign up is now open for by donation services for the following services: shamanic journey sound bath, oracle card readings, power animal retrievals, energetic clearings, reiki chakra balancing

Casa Madre Healing Support

an integral part of the Casa Madre Counseling experience.

Supportive group therapy services, workshops, and indigenous ceremonies allow one to build internal strength, and connect externally to a like-minded community.

In safe, harmonious settings one is able to explore and process the emotions experiences surrounding the mental, physical, and spiritual challenges that come with life. 

Join us in our introduction to meditation 6 week series today!

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Healing Support

Maternal Support Group

Maternal Support Group

Maternal support groups are geared towards understanding the fluctuation of one's emotions during mother-hood and implementing nurturance when mommy-hood gets tough. Together in divine feminine grace, we meet twice per month in a circle of woman support, unconditional love and sacred wisdom. 

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Grief and Loss Support Group

Grief and Loss Support Group

Grief is an ever evolving process of shifting emotions, thoughts, and connection. Everyone grieves differently, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. It is important to take care of yourself during this time and with nurturance, one may build the proper support as needed. Join us for our spiritually nondenominational support group for grief and loss. 

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Co-Parenting Support Group

Co-Parenting Support Group

Co-parenting involves both parents working together to make important decisions about their children's lives, such as education, healthcare, and extracurricular activities, and also sharing parenting responsibilities such as caregiving, discipline, and financial support. The goal of co-parenting support groups is to provide a nurturing environment for the parent, to learn communication skills to increase healthy boundaries and emotional wellness. 

Even though you, the parents are no longer in a romantic relationships-- effective co-parenting requires communication, cooperation, and mutual respect between the parents. Let us assist you in implementing safety, respect, and harmony for yourselves, and your new family dynamic.

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Weekly Live Classes

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Unmasking the EGO

Introduction to shadow work: Meaningful connection of self, is understood through connection. Unpacking a core belief system (the shadow aspects of self, releasing these protective factors can be difficult. Understanding the power of surrendering systems of embedded programming, of survival can create fear, and grief. Learn practical skills to improve upon the way in which you interact with yourself, and others. 

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Integrating your Soul SELF to your Physical SELF

We begin the pro-cess of integration work, through nervous system regulation. When our body, is in a space of peace and harmony, we are able to integrate all aspects of self, this includes our SOUL (Highest) SELF. We find peace and grace through somatic breathwork exercises and bilateral MOVEment, to integrate the SOUL into your Human Vessel

Participants are encouraged to bring a journal, yoga mat, an eye mask, pillow--as we will complete a shamanic journey into your SUPERconscious to dialogue with your power animals, angels, spiritual allies, ancestors, past life SELVES who will assist you in integration of positive belief systems.

Blue Lotus, Jasmine tea ceremony will be provided.

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Unmasking Colonial Oppressive Systems within...

The ability to receive--unconditional love begins with YOU.
Learning to differentiate between healthy love, vs. survival.
This class is designed to assist you recognize, understand and change relational patterns of discord, oppression, violence within yourself, and thus in partnerships.
Learn tools to communicate and create harmony within relationships with others.
This class will delve into the structures of abusive patterns of power and control; within your internal world, maladaptive partnerships, and the societal impact/influence.
Once we understand the root of these patterning, and how they attract similar experiences in our lives, we become empowered to change our internal world--thus our external experiences also change.
Students will receive energetic tools and rituals, including cord cutting, heart mediations, affirmations, EFT tapping techniques, Somatic experiencing breath work and ceremonies/invocations for calling back soul fragments from trauma bonded relationships.

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