Building Lineage Heirlooms

We provide wholistic healing for empowerment, which you share with your lineage, through a new way of existing.

As you heal your wounds, you are better able to hold accountability for yourself and therefore--interact with others; family, coworkers, partners, etc. in a more harmonious way! 

Building heirlooms for your lineage can create balance, clarity, and protection.  One way this can be accomplished is, through the use of crystals.  Crystals are believed by many to have unique energetic properties that can be used for healing, meditation, and spiritual practices. These crystals are thought to work by interacting with the human body's energy field, or aura, and as imperfect humans we may experience disappointments, set backs and grievances, this is normal.

Validation, and emotional support are both integral to the healing process. We are each in our own journey, a visual, tangible, meaningful heirloom filled with love and harmony will assist you and your lineage in their healing process.

Cheers to generational wealth, growth, and above all else; healing! Grow with us, heal with us, allow us to walk with you. 

Family legacies

Our bi-cultural family with indigenous roots from Guatemala, El Salvador, Egypt, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic have an understanding of builidng right relationships with Earth's crystal allies. 

For 35 years, our family has utilized gem stones for creating beauty and enhancing love. Work with us, in building heirlooms for your family, which can be passed along for lifetimes! 

Heirloom Jewelry

Create memorable pieces, to share with your lineage for generations of healing and unconditional love. 

Rose Rosa


Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

Rhodonite, a beautiful pink manganese silicate mineral, is prized for its spiritual properties in many cultures.

Rhodonite's most prominent spiritual meaning is associated with love and compassion. Its rosy hue is linked to the heart chakra, believed to be the energetic center of love and emotions.

The stone is seen as a powerful tool for fostering self-love, forgiveness, and empathy. It can help heal emotional wounds from past relationships or traumatic experiences.

Bracelet $125.00

Earrings: $750.00

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