Community Offerings

Womb Healing

Womb Healing

 Regulating our nervous system, through removing trauma based-fears and incorporating ancient indigenous healing modalities, sacred ceremonies to empower and enlighten your human body to hold your gifts of the spirit. 

The rite of the womb originated from the Amazon Lady Shaman's of Peru. This rite was bestowed upon us as our birthrite to creation, when we co-create with Divine Love and anyi, right relationship to the Earth, wisdom of the universe, and Great Spirit... we create a world of hope, love, peace, unity consciousness and harmony.

We at Casa Madre, share the rite of the womb, with all beings, to remove fear from our womb space, and ignite co-creation through Divine Love, with harmony, and grace.  This ceremony of divine grace, helps to remove and shift the trauma within one's wombspace, which may hold negative energies and cords one attracts through, but are not limited to--trauma bonds, dysfunctional relationships, and sexual traumas. 

Despacho Ceremony

Despacho Ceremony

Healing entails holding space for oneself, our immediate lineage family, community systems, worldly systems, international and galactic systems. We understand, living in harmony, means we hold space through prayer and rejoice at the abundance of Divine Love.

A Despacho Ceremony, entails: honoring Great Spirit/Creator, Mother Earth, and our team of Spirtual Guides, including our ancestors, and galactic support team (to name a few).  We honor the universe-- the divine guidance, support, protection, and love we are honored with, when we are open to receive.

Being in right relationship, entails: balance, which when co-created with love, allows for clarity, wisdom and acceptance to ensue. 

When participating in a despacho ceremony, you can count on your blessings to grow fruitfully, abundantly--Blessed.

Energetic Cleansing

Energetic Cleansing

Cultural appropriation of indigenous medicines creates unclear purpose and misinformation. Reverence for the wisdom of our ancestors, and the creation amongst the myriad of peoples in this world, can create HARMONY--right relationships. 

For thousands of years plants, our herbal kin, can be utilized to clear and protect one's mind, body, and spirit. Spirtual baths, rituals, and ceremonies are utilized to calm the chaos within and outside of the human body.

The most common reason for smudging ourselves is to cleanse our energy field or aura. We are energetic beings, and just like we can accumulate physical dirt and debris on our bodies, we can also accumulate negative energy, emotions, and thoughts that can affect our well-being. Smudging with sage or other sacred herbs is believed to clear away this stagnant or negative energy and purify our aura, leaving us feeling more grounded, centered, and clear-headed.

Smudging can also be used as a form of spiritual protection.  By smudging with our sacred plants, we create a shield of protective energy around ourselves that can help ward off negative influences or entities. When we build ayni, balanced, harmonious-- relationships with the Earth medicines, we stand in power with dignity as Earthkeepers, wisdom seekers, and cosmic beings of light. 

In addition to these spiritual benefits, smudging can also have practical benefits for our health and well-being. 

Learn with us, how to utilize your sacred plant medicines and their healing benefits within your everyday life.